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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 36

Join Now! New Scouts don’t wait to join.  Download, print, and complete the Youth Application. Mail the completed Youth Application along with the $30 membership fee (check made payable to Pack 36) to Pack 36, 194 Middletown Road, Waterford, NY 12188.

Here is the information you need to get started with Cub Scouting.

What type of Cub Scout am I?

Tiger Cub – First Grade
Wolf – Second Grade
Bear – Third Grade
Webelos – Fourth and Fifth Grade
What does a Den do? – Each week the Den will usually:

Tiger Cub Dens usually meet every other week.
Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Dens usually meet once a week.
Have an Opening Ceremony – Pledge of Allegiance and the Cub Scout Promise.
Work on specific achievements that are in the Cub Scout Book
Play games and/or make a craft
Work on activities for the Pack Meeting
Have Fun!

Once a month the Den will participate in the Monthly Pack meeting with all of the other Dens.

Meeting Date and Time

Pack 36 meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm during the school year at the Halfmoon-Waterford Fire House at 315 Middletown Road. Individual Dens will usually meet weekly. Check with your Den Leader for the time and place where your Den meets.

Complete the Cub Scout Application

This form must be signed by the Scout’s parent or guardian and submitted to our Cubmaster.

Sign up to be an Adult Leader

One of the most rewarding parts of Scouting is being an Adult Leader and helping your son grow into a young man. You can be a Den Leader, and Assistant Den Leader, a Committee Member, or a Parent Helper. To be an Adult Leader complete an Adult Application today.

Submit the $30 Pack 36 annual membership fee

The $30 membership fee pays for the annual Scout registration fee and Council insurance fees through next year. If paying by check, make the check payable to Pack 36. You will pay this membership fee when you join and again each September.

Purchase your uniform

Uniforms and insignia can be purchased at the Scout Store on 253 Washington Avenue Extension in Albany, NY or online at If purchasing the uniform is a financial burden, you do not need to purchase your uniform all at once. Contact the Cubmaster – we sometimes have seasoned uniforms that have been donated to the Pack. The following uniform parts and insignia are recommended. Please refer to the Scout Handbook for the proper placement of Scout insignia.

Blue Cub Scout Shirt
Cub Scout Neckerchief
Den Number
Twin Rivers Council Shoulder Patch
Pack numerals 3 6
World Scout Crest Emblem

How can I find out more about Scouting?

There are many resources for parents and Den Leaders at Information about the local Twin Rivers Council can be found at

How are the Adult Leaders Trained?

All Den Leaders are required to complete youth protection training. All parents are also encouraged to also complete this free online training at Adult leaders, parent volunteers, and interested parents have a variety of online and in person training opportunities.

Free online training at includes:
Fast Start Training
Youth Protection Training
This is Scouting
Cub Scout Leader Specific Training
Cub Scout Program Helps is a step by step guide about how to run a Den Meeting complete with activities, crafts, songs, and skits.
Cub Scout Leader How to Book is a resource with more activities, games, crafts, games, and ideas.
Cub Scout Leader Book gives an overview of how to run a Pack, a Den, and a Pack Committee.

How do we fund our activities?

Pack 36 participates in the Twin Rivers Council Scouting Popcorn Sale. This is the only fundraising activity we do for the year because our focus is fun not funding. Each Scouting family is asked to participate and take popcorn orders. Popcorn order forms will be available at the opening Pack Meeting. Popcorn product information can be found at

Start Scouting!